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What are the benefits of intercultural training seminars for tour guides?

Interculturally trained tour guides can help tourists to develop a differentiated perception of foreign destinations, achieve a better understanding of other countries and peoples, improve their judgment, and become more cosmopolitan. Tour guiding can thus contribute to the building of bridges between cultures.

Interculturally trained tour guides in sun & beach destinations can contribute to the maximising of a location's unique selling proposition. The culture of the country thus becomes a distinguishing feature for the tourists.

Interculturally trained tour guides can significantly contribute to a traveller's decision to promote the destination, the tour operator or the local travel agency at home - and to choose them again in the future.

Intercultural training seminars ...

... enhance the perception of differentiated images of vacation destinations

... lead to greater quality in guest relations, enhance customer satisfaction and customer retention

... improve the professional and social skills of tour guides as well as the willingness to act as team players

... support the qualification of tour operators in the international market

Which competencies of tour guides are improved?

Intercultural training seminars motivate tour guides ...

... to review and improve their communication skills and information strategies

... to better understand the cultural background, individual expectations, and behavioural patterns of tourists

... to recognise and correct prejudices and clichés

... to creatively introduce their guests to the fascinating everyday life at their vacation destination

... to recognize and explain developmental and global contexts

... to broaden their knowledge and argument skills